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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We strive to ensure that the services you avail through our website are to your full satisfaction, and are the best in the Industry at extremely reasonable and affordable rates.

We make every effort to provide the service to you as per the specifications and timelines mentioned against each service or product purchased by you from LawyerINC (Enterslice Pvt. Ltd.), However, there may arise situations when you desire a refund, in case we are unable to provide to you the service or product you purchased from us, then you shall be entitled to a refund which shall be subject to certain circumstances. In this situation, kindly send in an e-mail to on the Ticket that has been created in your name, marking a copy to [email protected]. We would like to clarify that only refunds of the professional fees component of the charges paid by you shall be considered for a refund. The refund will be processed only in case of:

  1. If there is a clear, visible deficiency with the service or product purchased from LawyerINC
  2. In the event a customer has paid for a service and then requests for a refund only because there was a change in mind, the refund shall not be considered as there is no fault, defect, or onus on LawyerINC
  3. Refund requests shall not be entertained after the work has been shared with you in the event of change of mind. However, in certain circumstances, if work has not been shared with you, we shall give you the option of using the amount paid for by you, for an alternative service in LawyerINC amounting to the same value and the said amount could be applied in part or whole towards the said new service; and
  4. If the request for a refund has been raised 72 hours after the purchase of a service or product has been completed and the same has been intimated and indicated via email or through any form of communication stating that the work has been completed, then, such refund request shall be deemed invalid and shall not be considered
  5. If the request for the refund has been approved by LawyerINC, the same shall be processed and intimated to you via email. This refund process could take a minimum of 15 (fifteen) business days to process and shall be credited to your bank account accordingly. We shall handle the refund process with care and ensure that the money spent by you is returned to you at the earliest.

Conditions Relating to Amount of Refund

  1. As we have mentioned only professional fees component of the charges paid by you shall be considered for a refund.
  2. If after consideration of facts it is concluded that the cancellation is due to the factors for which we are solely responsible, then 50% of the refundable amount will be reimbursed to the client.
  3. In any case except for what are mentioned in certain circumstances, no refund will be made by the organization.

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