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Eating House License Registration

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Eating House License Registration

If you intend to set up your own restaurant, then we here at LawyerINC can assist you with your Eating House License registration and permits which are required to start a legitimate restaurant business.

In India, the restaurant industry is fast expanding due to many reasons. People nowadays can order take outs and eat at home or order a meal from home itself. A major population orders at least one meal from outside now and then. Eating out have been inculcated in the lifestyle of people. With more and more people opting to eat out. It is quite profitable to start a restaurant. One has to follow certain procedures before the commencement of business.

Growth factors for Food Industry

The food industry has expanded in India at an exponential rate. This is due to several reasons. Following are the factors which contribute towards the growth of the food industry:

  • India has a large young population, who often stay away from home and rely on the food industry
  • People have started spending on food with an increase in income
  • The living style of the People.

Following licenses are required for setting up a food business:

  • Food License

    For starting a food business in India, one has to obtain a food license from FSSAI. It is important to check eligibility for FSSAI registration, State License/Centre License before applying for a food license.

  • Health Trade License

    it can be obtained from the Municipal Corporation of the respective state.

  • Eating House License

    It can be made to the police commissioner of the concerned state.

  • Fire Security Certificate

    For starting a food business, we need a NOC from the fire department. After the application for NOC is made, inspection is conducted by the Fire Department officials

  • Liquor License

    If the facility is going to serve liquor, then it is required to obtain a liquor license from the Excise Commissioner of the state.

  • Lift Clearance

    If the eating facility is in a multi-storey building, a lift clearance is required from the electrical inspector from the Labour Commissioner’s office.

  • Music License

    It is required if music is going to be played on the premises.

  • Environmental Clearance

    An NOC from the Pollution Board is required to ensure the business is not polluting the environment.

  • Insurance

    Insurance is required to be taken for public liability, fire policy and for the assets of the company.

  • A license under Shops & Establishment Act

    It is essential for starting a food business and can be obtained from the concerned state.

  • Weights & Measures Department Approval

What do you mean by eating house license?

One gets an Eating House License when they are operating a shop, restaurant, dhaba or bar etc. having an eating facility.

Eating House

Any place to which the public are admitted, and where any product related to food or drink is supplied for consumption

These business operators have to apply for the Eating House License with the City or State Police Headquarters and the Police Commissioner. And the Eating House License will be granted by the Police Commissioner of the concerned city.

Eating House License Registration with LawyerINC

Documents required for Eating House License

  • Application form
  • Residential Proof of the Applicant
  • Documentary proof of the shop address. In case, the shop is rented, a NOC from the Landlord
  • Duplicate of trade license and fee receipt
  • Copy of Board Resolution
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • FSSAI License
  • The full site plan accompanied with the photographs of the Eating House facility
  • All the undertakings in reference to the installation of the CCTV cameras with 30 days recording facility.
  • A duly attested affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.10/- by Notary Public
  • NOC from the Fire department if seating capacity is of more than 50 seats
  • Undertaking by the eating house related to amusement activities.

How to get an Eating House License?

You can file directly to the government for the Eating House License. This process is long and might take up to 60 days. Following is the procedure to get the Eating House License.

  • 1. Filing Application Form

    For procuring a license, the applicant needs to obtain a user ID and password by giving a request letter in person with all the details of the Eating House.

  • 2. Document Submission

    You need to fill the correct information for application of the Eating House License, and all the mandatory documents need to upload for verification. The application can be rejected on various grounds. The Licensing authority has the liberty to ask for any specific document if need be.

  • 3. Appointment

    with the additional commissioner of Police- Once the application is complete, you are required to meet Addl. Commissioner of Police, Licensing, for proper scrutiny of your application and the other supporting documents.

  • 4. You have to follow up with the department for the update on your application. In case your application is rejected because of incomplete information or malafide application with wrong facts, the fees will not be refunded.

  • 5. The government department usually takes 30-35 days for reviewing your application and issuing Eating House License.

  • 6. Else, you can avail our services for getting an Eating House License hassle free.

Why LawyerINC?

  • Free consultation or enquiry
  • Expert guidance throughout the registration
  • Assistance in filing the registration
  • We will get in touch with you through experts who are well versed with the registration procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the validity of an Eating House License?

    The Eating House License will be valid for a period of three years, subject to the validity of the trade license of the applicant.

  • 2. Can one get a duplicate registration certificate?

    If one loses their Registration Certificate or it is defaced or destroyed, they can make an application to the Registration Authority for getting a duplicate. The Registration Authority may after conducting an enquiry issue a duplicate copy of the Registration Certificate after payment is received for the same.

  • 3. Can the Registration certificate be cancelled?

    The Registering Authority has the power to cancel the Certificate o9f Registration is I has violated any regulations issued by the Registering Authority after giving the holder of the certificate a reasonable opportunity of being heard.

    If the operation of the Eating House is temporarily closed due to any reason, the holder of the Registration certificate can submit a written request for cancellation of the certificate by surrendering the same.

  • 4. Is the Registration certificate transferable?

    The Registration Certificate can be transferred in case of death of the holder or under any other unavoidable circumstances after the verification of the amended health trade license and character verification on behalf of the Registering Authority.

  • 5. What is the procedure for filing an appeal against orders of the Registering authority?

    Any person who is aggrieved by the orders of Registering Authority may present an appeal before Commissioner of Police within a time period of 30 days from the date of order against which an appeal is to be filed.

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