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BAR License in India

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What is a Bar License?

Thinking about starting a Bar, you need a bar license for that. There are a lot of challenges before one starts a bar. Besides looking at the rules set for starting a business, you have to abide by the Indian drinking laws additionally.

How does one get a Bar License?

A Bar License is a key for operating a bar in India. Therefore before having a bar license one needs to set up a company and then apply for bar license in the name of that company. This method ensures that the Bar License is tied up with the company, and it can also be further transferred to another person in the future.

Also, it is imperative to have a liquor license before starting a bar. Additionally obtaining a liquor license is very hard, and there is no guarantee if one will get the liquor license or not. Hence, one should incorporate a company or LLP and get your license application in advance. Once you receive the liquor license, you can proceed with the setting up of the bar.

Liquor License

If one wants to serve liquor in their bar, then they need to get a liquor license first. Each State in India has its own rules and regulations set for a license. So, we need first to contact the local authorities and find out about the laws related to liquor.

LawyerINC provides for a Liquor license without any hidden cost. You can contact us for a liquor license by posting a query with us.

Choosing a Perfect location for a Bar

Opening a bar requires a lot of research and dedication. The location of the bar plays a stringent role in attracting customers as a dodgy location will limit the number of customers and hamper the business.

Furthermore, in India, there are many rules and regulations attached with the hotel industry like if the hotel is having a bar, it should have a specified number of rooms and the bar should not be situated near an educational institution, temples, and hospitals. Therefore, one needs to check the state laws before choosing the location for their bar.

Timeline for getting a Bar License

3 business days: After availing our services, our case manager will get back to you and take your request further. After receiving all the details about your case, an expert will be assigned to your case.

2 business days: Our experts will prepare the application and submit documents

3-4 Months: Bar License will be issued within 3-4 months.

Types of Bar in India

There are six types of bar to choose from before setting up the bar depending upon the management and financial funding. It is up to the person to decide the set up of bar depending upon their own preference.

Hence, the List of the bar is as follows-

  • Lounge
  • Tapas bar
  • Pub
  • Sports bar
  • Nightclub
  • Concept bar

You have the liberty to open the bar with or without liquor at the time of filing application for opening a Bar.

How does LawyerINC help to get a Bar License?

  • Connect with our team of experts
  • Get a callback
  • Our Expert will consult you and provide you with a complete document checklist
  • Submit the required documents
  • Filing of Application with the Concerned Authorities
  • Our team will Follow-up with the authorities.
  • Track Progress
  • End to end service

*Any fee, stamp duty, and miscellaneous charges shall be payable extra.

LawyerINC does not take any charges/tax on government fees. Do contact us in case of any query related to Bar License and much more.

To avail any of our services, kindly establish contact by posting a query at our site, LawyerINC.

Having a Bar License

Bar License application requires a bundle of documents for the approval from the government. We have seen a lot of cases where the hotels and restaurants have faced penalties and have even shut down because of failure to comply with the license requirements.

Furthermore, the government in India keeps on changing the legal framework because of which the License becomes useless. Professional guidance is needed for Bar license as every state has its own set of rules.

LawyerINC has an excellent blend of experts for giving the right guidance for a bar license, and we will assist you in applying the License for liquor. We completely understand your requirements and have ample of expertise in helping our clients for Bar License and Liquor License.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Who needs a Bar License?

    Someone who wants to start a bar in their hotel or restaurant needs a bar license.

  • 2. How many days will it take to get a Bar License?

    It will take around 3-4 months to get a bar License with us.

  • 3. What are the benefits of taking services from LawyerINC?

    At LawyerINC, we have an excellent blend of experts to help you get your bar license hassle free. We are committed to offer our services to various entities at a reasonable price. Our focus is to provide quality services to our clients.

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