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Hallmark Registration

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In India, jewellery is meant to be unique for every person, and every occasion, it adds a lot of value and sentiment. Therefore, while buying jewellery customer needs to be very careful in terms of the purity of gold, no matter from where you are buying or how much you are paying for it. Every jewellery in India requires certification & an authorized registration that license is said to be Hallmark license, this gives purity of the metal.

What is Hallmark?

A Hallmark can be word, name, symbol or device used by manufacturers to identify their goods and to distinguish their products from other goods which are manufactured and sold by others. Therefore, a hallmark is a symbol of trust, a unique identification for the customer buying jewellery.

Issuance of Hallmark license

In India, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) which is the authorized agency issue Hallmark license/ BIS hallmark license. It is necessary to keep the quality control for managing quality as specified under the BIS scheme for those who hold BIS hallmark license for gold as well as silver jewellery.

Regulation of Hallmark certification

The entire process and provision of Hallmark certification are governed by the BIS Act, 2016 and BIS Rules and Regulations, 2018.

Hallmark certification documents required

A jeweller can apply for hallmark license if he fulfils the following requirements for the application of hallmark approval:

  • Certificate of the registered company
  • Proof of report showing business premises of the jeweler
  • Signed BIS hallmark application
  • Identity proof of the person applying for the form
  • Payment of hallmark license fees
  • The signing of the agreement as per the prescribed format.

Importance of Hallmark Certification

Hallmark certification plays a vital role for jewellers in every aspect such as:-

  • It boosts your business
  • It adds value to the precious stone and trust in jewellery
  • It gives quality assurances for the jewellery product
  • Provides legal protection against infringement
  • It provides customer satisfaction
  • It helps in business growth.

Process of Hallmark Certification

  • Preparation of documents for BIS registration
  • Development of agreement on stamp paper of INR 100/- in the prescribed format
  • Filling of the hallmark application form
  • Pay the fee for application processing
  • An inspection will be done by the inspector of the concerned BIS department

Is it mandatory to obtain hallmark licenses?

The Government of India had notified rules and regulation for gold and silver jewellery hallmarking, but the decision is still pending as the government is deciding as too when to make it mandatory. In rural as well as in urban areas many small jewellers are selling non-hallmarked jewellery, however, BIS has issued warning to unregistered jewellers not to sell hallmark and also not to sell non-hallmarked jewellery.

In any case, if the mandatory hallmarking is delayed from the government side, then the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) warning will create awareness.

How to identify Hallmarked Jewellery?

An Identifier can quickly identify the hallmarked (gold and silver) jewellery as it contains four (4) identity remarks on it-

  • On the jewellery logo of BIS hallmark is present
  • Purity status number of gold jewellery will be there
  • Logo of BIS assaying centre
  • Logo or code of the jeweller

Validity & Renewal of License

The BIS hallmark license is granted for a period of not less than one (1) year and up to two (2) years.

The renewal of a license may be granted for a period of not less than one year and up to five years.

Renewal of license shall contain,

  • Application of renewal prescribed under Form XII
  • Month-wise production details
  • Performance Bank guarantee (six months more than the validity of the grant)
  • Remittance of the applicable fees.

Recording of Sales of Hallmarked Jewellery

The jeweller shall record every sale on a computerized system, an appropriate record of sale shall be maintained for at least five years and made available as per the demand by BIS.

Hallmark License Fee

New guidelines notified by the government for BIS Hallmark license fees. This license fee will be known as registration fee, and the charges will be based on turnover in place population. Following change in fees is given below-

  • Turnover up to Rs. 5 cr – Rs. 7500
  • Turnover between Rs. 5 cr to Rs. 25 cr – Rs. 15000
  • Turnover between Rs. 25 cr to Rs. 100 cr – Rs. 40000 and
  • Turnover Above Rs. 100 cr – Rs. 80000

This registration fee is for five years only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the procedure of Hallmark registration?

    An applicant applying for hallmark registration must get expert consultation for the easy and smooth hallmarking process. It is a time-saving and cost-effective way for BIS hallmarking for jewellery (gold and silver).

  • 2. What is BIS hallmark for gold jewellery?

    A Hallmark certification for gold jewellery was introduced in the year 2000. The BIS issued various numbers as grades, which help in recognizing which is purer, so the gold purity grades show how pure the gold is. For example, degree 999 is 24-carat gold, is pure gold.

  • 3. What is BIS hallmark for silver jewellery?

    Hallmark BIS certification for silver jewellery introduced in 2005. The BIS follows 2112 for issuance of hallmark certification for silver jewellery and artefacts.

  • 4. On what conditions a license will be termed cancelled?

    The license will be cancelled under the following conditions:-

    The fee has not been paid as per the said time limit. The jeweller is found guilty of selling hallmarked jewellery which is not recognized by the BIS. Any violation of terms and conditions of the agreement If the jeweller is found misusing hallmark license. During market surveillance, if the jeweller does not cooperate with the representative of BIS In one year two consecutive failure is reported on independent testing of the samples drawn by BIS. If the jeweller choose to relinquish the license.

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