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Fire License in India

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Our safety is in our own hands. Fire accidents are something which no one can predict, it can happen anytime and can lead to hazardous injuries within a fraction of seconds therefore, we need to be alert and take proper protection in advance.


It is mandatory to possess fire license or no objection certificate (NOC) to obtain a building plan approval. Fire NOC issued by the state fire service verifies that a building is resistant or unlikely to observe any fire related accidents, by following certain guidelines laid down by the fire department, an applicant can obtain NOC for a residential/ commercial building.

Regulatory Law

Fire Service in the country is covered under the ambit of the 12 schedules of the Constitution of India, under the provision of Article 243-W which comes under the purview of various municipal Bye-Law for respective states. In case of the provisions concerning fire safety in Delhi are governed by the Delhi Fire Service Act, 2007 and Delhi Fire Service Rules, 2010.

Steps for obtaining Fire License

  • Online request
  • Documents and Questionnaire
  • Expert Assignment
  • Application for license
  • Acknowledgment
  • Fire license

Issuance of Fire License

  • Payment of Fee online
  • Application Submitted
  • Application forwarded to the concerned fire officer.
  • Fire officer appoints a committee to inspects the premises/ building and then submit the report online within 7 days.
  • Concerned Fire officer approves or rejects the application
  • The application will be received in an email with the final approved certificate.

Why is it mandatory to obtain Fire NOC?

It is important to secure Fire NOC for your own safety, your business/ property safety. The research report suggests that every year thousands of people lose their life because of fire accidents.

Who all need to obtain Fire NOC and under what condition?

For those who seeks trade license or residence certificate from the civic body in the state. For those who are expected to carry out businesses and trading operation, as mentioned under the State disaster and Fire Services Department. Fire License is required to confirm that the construction of the building is resistant or unlikely to cause a fire. High rise or multistorey building which are more than 15 meters in height needs to obtain Fire NOC from their respective state Fire services.

After meeting certain guidelines laid down by the fire department, an applicant can obtain NOC for a residential/ commercial building.

National Building Code

National Building Code (NBC) is drafted to dictate measures that will ensure fire safety, to some extent. NBC order compliance with the set standards of fire essential of building occupants and users.

NBC Provision has been incorporated by various state governments and local bodies in their regulation related to buildings.

Concerned Authority for Fire NOC

Divisional Fire Officer

Deputy Chief Fire Officer

Chief Fire Officer

Documents required for obtaining NOC

  • 2 sets of building plans through building authority
  • Building plans must contain all information as prescribed by Bye- Law (No 6, 4, 2, 1)
  • Model of the Building
  • Questionnaire filing
  • Check list certified by the Architect

In the case of Delhi apart from the above listed documents a few more required;

  • Copy of bank guarantee
  • Copy of challan of the amount remitted
  • Copy of undertaking
  • Copy of existing agreement

The time involved in the procedure

NOC from the fire department granted within 15-20 days of the filing.

The fee to apply for and obtain NOC

Fee depends upon the respective State authority and classification of the building. In case of Delhi and Haryana state authority does not charge any fee for providing the NOC as off now.

Validity of NOC

Fire NOC issued under rule 35 in valid for a period of 5 years in case of residential buildings and for non- residential building includes hotels, it is 3 years from the date of issue. In Maharashtra, NOC is valid for 1 year only from the date of issue. Therefore, it has to be renewed every year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is fire NOC mandatory in India?

    Yes, the applicant should acquire fire NOC (No Objection Certificate) to apply for fire license in India.

  • 2. What is a Fire NOC?

    A Fire NOC is a certificate issued by the state fire service which verifies that a building is resistant or unlikely to observe any fire related accidents.

    If one files the application within one month after the expiry of validity, then the case will be referred to the EAC or SEAC for reference.

  • 3. Who heads the Fire prevention wing?

    The wing is headed by a Deputy Chief Fire Officer and assisted by a Divisional Fire officer and station officer.

  • 4. Who grants the fire NOC?

    The Department of Fire Service of respective state grants NOC. In the case of Delhi, Delhi Fire Services is the concerned authority.

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