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Solid Waste Management

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What is Solid Waste?

Solid Waste means any solid, semi-solid domestic, sanitary, commercial, institutional, catering and market waste and other non-residential wastes like street sweepings, silt collected from surface drains, horticulture, agriculture and dairy waste, treated bio-medical waste not including industrial waste, e-waste, battery and radio-active waste .

Types of Solid Waste in India

Solid waste can be classified into following depending upon the source:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW):

    they include household, construction and demolition debris, sanitation residue, waste from streets which are generated from the residential and commercial complexes. The Ministry of Environment and Forest states that MSW includes commercial and residential waste excluding industrial hazardous waste but include treated bio-medical waste.

  • Industrial Solid Waste (ISW):

    It usually contains toxic substances which are corrosive, highly inflammable or react if exposed to certain specific things; therefore they are termed as hazardous waste.

  • Biomedical waste:

    It includes waste generated in hospitals like anatomical wastes, discarded medicines, syringes, body fluids etc. It poses as a threat to human health if not managed properly.

Rules governing Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016

  • There is segregation of waste at the source for the proper channelization of waste to wealth through recovery, reuse and recycle.
  • No person is allowed to throw, burn or bury solid waste generated by him in any open public space or street.
  • The manufacturers of sanitary napkins are responsible for providing pouches for disposal of sanitary waste.
  • The rules introduced the concept of collect back scheme for packaging waste. The brand owners who sell or market their products in non-biodegradable material should have a system to collect back packaging waste generated through production.
  • Municipal authorities will levy user fees for the collection, disposal and processing from the bulk generators.
  • The government has constituted Central Monitoring Committee under the Chairmanship of the Secretary, MoEF & CC for the monitoring of the overall implementation of the rules.

Application Procedure for having a Authorization of Solid Waste

  • The Local authorities and Panchayats shall make an application for authorization for setting up waste processing, treatment or disposal facility if the waste generated exceeds five metric tones per day including sanitary landfills from the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) or Pollution Control Committee (PCC).
  • Submit application for renewal of authorization 60 days before the expiry of validity of authorization.
  • Preparation and submission of annual report in Form IV on or before April 30th to the Commissioner or Director, Municipal Administration or Designated Officer.
  • Annual Report has to be sent to the Secretary-in-charge of the State Urban Development Department or Village Panchayat or Rural Development Department and to the SPCB/PCC by 31st May every year.
  • While examining the proposal for authorization, the SPCB or PCC shall look into the requirement of consents under State Urban Development Department, Town and Country Planning Department, District Planning Committee or Metropolitan Area Planning Committee, Airport Authority, Ground Water Board, Railways, Power Distribution Companies, Highway Department and other relevant agencies.
  • Authorization has to be issued within 60 days in Form II to the local body or operator of the facility or any other agency authorized by the local body stipulating compliance criteria and environmental standards.
  • SPCB or PCC has to synchronize the validity of authorization with that of the consents.

Documents required for authorization for processing, recycling, treatment and disposal of solid waste

  • Name of the local body or agency appointed by them or the operator of the facility.
  • Correspondence address, telephone and Fax no.
  • Nodal officer and designation
  • For which purpose is the authorization is required, like waste processing, recycling, treatment, and disposal of landfill.
  • Site clearance documents
  • Proof of environmental clearance
  • Consent for establishment
  • Agreement on the project and expected return
  • Details about processing/recycling/treatment of solid waste
  • Details about disposal of solid waste and any other informations.

Solid Waste Management Authorization with LawyerINC

  • Connect with our team of experts
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  • Our Expert will consult you and complete the procedure
  • Filing of Application with the Concerned Authorities
  • Our Team will Follow-up with the authorities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How are solid wastes collected?

    Solid waste can be collected through door to door collection i.e. collection of solid waste can be done from door step of household, shops, commercial establishments, offices, institutional or residential premises and it also includes collection of such waste from entry gate or a specified location in the housing society, apartments, etc.

  • 2. From where Can I obtain the form for solid waste management authorizations?

    Solid waste management authorization form is available online on various government websites.

  • 3. What is the remedy available if the person is aggrieved by the suspension or cancellation of the Solid Waste Authorization?

    If the local body or operator fails to operate the facility then the authorization can be suspended or cancelled without giving notice to the local body or operator. It can be renewed on receipt of application for renewal for the next five years after examining the application and subject to the condition that operator has fulfilled all the rules. The SPCB or PCC shall after reasonable opportunity of being heard to the applicant record the reasons in writing and refuse or grant the authorization.

  • 4. What are the benefits of taking services from LawyerINC?

    At LawyerINC, we have an excellent blend of experts to help you get a solid waste management authorization hassle free. We are committed to offer our services to various entities at a reasonable price. Our focus is to provide quality services to our clients. We will assist you in getting the authorization certificate hassle free.

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