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License Agreements

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License Agreement

A license agreement is like a business contract. If you are looking for help with License agreements, get in touch with us. Here at LawyerINC, we provide assistance with the drafting of various types of license agreements at reasonable rates.

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Agreements are binding documents which become enforceable when drafted properly and signed by both the parties. For instance, when you enter license agreements, we have to mention both the parties have certain rights and duties under the contract.

So while entering into license agreements, we have to be cautious while framing the terms and conditions.

License Agreement and its relevance

A License Agreement is a contract between the owner of a patent or trademark with someone who wants to use the patented or trademarked goods and services. This license is granted by the licensor to the licensee giving them permission to use the goods and services. The Licensor will still have the ownership and will receive royalties for granting the license. The licensee has to follow certain guidelines, one of it being that the financial arrangements to pay for the usage of the goods and services.

The agreement will distinguish the foundation of the terms agreed between both the parties defining the rights and duties of the parties, payments, usage, conditions of the usage, the extent of the agreements and terms concerning the breach of contract.

Various types of License Agreements Prepared at LawyerINC

Technology License Agreements

These agreements authorize the licensee to use the technology of the licensor under certain terms and conditions.

Trademark License Agreement

It’s an agreement through which the right to use the trademark is given to the licensee.

Copyright License Agreement

The Copyright License Agreement is made between the owner and some other person for using the good for a limited time.

Who needs a license agreement?

A license agreement is useful for the following parties involved in

  • Trademark & Patent
  • Copyright
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Record Labels

Benefits associated with a License Agreement

  • Clears Authority between the parties
  • Defines the guidelines of usage
  • Protects the parties

Contents of a License Agreement

  • The duration of the license
  • Payment
  • TheExtent of the License agreement
  • Terms and condition
  • Dispute resolution mechanism
  • Termination
  • Terms for renewal and much more..

For proper discussion about the terms of your agreements post a query at lawyerINC.

Drafting of License Agreements

While drafting the License agreement, we have to take the utmost care and attention to include the requirements of the parties involved. For drafting a License agreement which is full proof, one needs to hire an expert lawyer.

If you make a faulty license agreement, you will be at a loss. Hence, you should consult an expert and experienced lawyer. Here at LawyerINC, we provide a panel of expert lawyers who will draft your license agreement.

How can you draft a License agreement?

Hiring a lawyer is the best possible way to make a license agreement. Since license agreements are complex, the safest way is to post a query with us at LawyerINC. We have a blend of experienced lawyers at your service. We at LawyerINC will protect your interests and help you expand.

The Time frame for License Agreements

  • 2- 4 business days

    After availing our services, our case manager will get back to you and take your request further. After receiving all the details about your case, an expert lawyer will be assigned to your case for drafting the License Agreements.

  • 6-7 business days

    We will provide the License Agreement for your scrutiny. If you need alterations in the license agreement, our lawyers will do the needful and revert back to you with the changes

The Procedure for Drafting a License Agreement

  • Our Lawyer will contact you and explain the whole procedure and will look into your requirements.
  • Once the objectives are set forth, the Lawyer shall draft the License Agreement.
  • Once the draft is complete, it will be sent to you for review.
  • If there is need for any changes, the assigned Lawyer will look into the matter and make changes.
  • The License Agreement will be handed over to the client.

Why Us? Why LawyerINC? What are the Services offered at LawyerINC?

  • Free consultation for Enquiry
  • Renounced Legal Experts at your reach
  • End to End services related to License Agreement
  • Assistance in drafting the License Agreement
  • Provide you with the best Lawyers as per your requirement
  • We'll provide ongoing support and we'll be available at your service all the time and provide you assistance.

*Any fee, stamp duty, and miscellaneous charges shall be payable extra.

Contact us in case you have any query related to various types of license agreement. To avail the above-stated services regarding license agreements, kindly establish contact by posting a query on our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What if you don’t enter a license agreement?

    There will be anomalies related to the terms agreed between the parties. Without it, the parties will face the danger of loss of money and time because of failed negotiations between them. With the license agreement at hand, the parties have a proper understanding of each other.

  • 2. What is the difference between licensing and franchising?

    A franchise is a special type of license. It is issued to someone to operate a business by using a common brand name and in exchange for royalties. If someone has a franchise, there may be license agreements within that franchise. For example, KFC’s franchise might include license agreements for the usage of their logo on the products and it might also have a license for patented products.

  • 3. How does the License Agreement work?

    A license agreement act like a business contract between the parties, where the licensor owns the product being licensed and the licensee is buying the license. The licensee has to pay royalties to the licensor in exchange for usage rights.

  • 4. Which part of license agreement are the most important ones?

    The most important part of the license agreement which the licensor and the licensee should focus on is the price and rights of the party.

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