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Trademark Classes

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Classes of Goods and Services in India

A Trademark is a protection given to certain name, symbol or words. So, if any specific symbol or mark is associated with a service, it is known as Service Mark. The whole purpose behind trademark filing is to allow companies and the individuals to indicate the source of their goods and services and to differentiate them from the others available in the industry.

IF we visit ‘KFC,’ we see a particular symbol and their specific tagline, like “finger lickin' good," similarly when going to an Apple store, we see the symbol of a half bitten apple. These are a few examples of some trademarks.

List of the Trademark classes for Goods is mentioned below

  • Class 1: Chemicals

    It is for chemical products which are used in science, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industry, preparations for medical or veterinary purposes and. Chemical products and preparations such as salts used for industrial purposes, adhesives, fire extinguishers, and composition used for food and beverages are covered under class

  • Class 2: Paints & varnishes

    Class 2 consists of any kind of paints and varnishes, preservative used against corrosion and damage to wood, metals used in foil, raw natural raisins, dues and colorants etc.

  • Class 3: Cosmetics

    Class 3 covers diverse cosmetic products and preparations like perfumes, soaps, and essential oils, toiletries, oral hygiene preparations, substances used for laundry and bleaching preparation etc.

  • Class 4: Industrial

    All industrial greases, oils, fuels, lubricants illuminates, candles and wicks for lightening, dust absorbing, wetting and binding composition come under Class 4 of goods and services list.

  • Class 5: Pharmaceuticals

    Trademark class 5 has all the dietary supplements and dietetic preparations, pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, baby foods, disinfectants, herbicides, fungicides, medical dressing materials like plasters etc.

  • Class 6: Metals

    Trademark class 6 is for common metals and alloys, railway materials, pipes, tubes, any material used for metal building, non electric cables, doors, gates windows, locks and safes; it also includes unwrought and partly wrought common metals.

  • Class 7: Machines

    Class 7 is for registering trademarks for machines and machine parts excluding land vehicles. It also includes agricultural machines agricultural, gardening and forestry equipment excluding hand operated ones, incubators for eggs, motors and engines, construction equipments, robots.

  • Class 8: Tools

    Trademark class 8 is for hand tools, hand operated implements, cutlery, razors, hygienic and beauty implements for humans and animals, agricultural, gardening and landscaping tools, hair styling appliance, food preparation implements, kitchen knives and cutlery excluding paper knives.

  • Class 9: Instruments

    Class 9 covers registration of the following trademarks like instruments used for nautical, scientific, surveying, photographic, cinematographic and measuring devices, life saving and teaching instruments, recordings discs like DVDs and other digital recording media, mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; computers, cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, fire extinguishers, computer software.

  • Class 10: Medical

    Under class 10, any kind of medical apparatus including surgical, dental and veterinary instruments, artificial limbs, artificial teeth, orthopedic article.

  • Class 11: Appliances

    It is for registering trademarks for appliances. It mainly consists of lighting, steam generating, heating, cooking, refrigerating, and sanitary or water supply related appliances and apparatus. Apart from this it has electric cooking utensils and kettles, bed warmers, hot water bottles,

  • Class 12: Travel

    Class 12 has vehicles and apparatus for locomotion that travel via land or water. It also includes engines and motors for land vehicles, transmission and couplings components for land vehicles, human-powered trolleys and carts, air and space vehicles, anti-theft, security and safety devices and equipment for vehicles,

  • Class 13: Explosives

    Class 13 covers explosive substances and devices like weapons, firearms, or fireworks, explosives and ammunitions. This does not include matches.

  • Class 14: Precious Metal

    Trademark class 14 covers gemstones, pearls, jewellery, watches and clocks. Apart from these, this class also includes goods in precious metal or coated, not included in other classes and precious metals and their alloys; precious stones, and chronometric instruments.

  • Class 15: Music

    Trademark Class 15 is for registering trademark for musical instruments such as pianos and electrical musical instruments

  • Class 16: Stationary

    Cardboard, paper, books, and similar products, printed matter, teaching material (excluding any kind of apparatus), photographs and all stationary given that they are not included in any other classes come under this class.

  • Class 17: Materials

    Trademark class 17 has flexible pipes, rubber, mica, gutta-percha, asbestos, gum and any goods made from these, insulating products, fire resistant and fire preventive articles under it. It also includes materials used in manufacture in the form of blocks, sheets and rods.

  • Class 18: Luggage

    Class 18 is composed of luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers, umbrellas, leather goods and leather imitations, walking sticks and harnesses.

  • Class 19: Construction Materials

    Trademark Class 19 is for registering a trademark for non- metallic building materials, building and construction materials which are not of metal structures and transportable buildings.

  • Class 20: Household Materials

    Class 20 comprises of non-metallic hardware locks and keys, furniture and furnishings beds, bedding, mattresses, pillows and cushions, picture frames or mirrors, goods made of woods, reed, ivory, whalebone, shell, cork, cane, horn, wicker and substitutes of these or of plastics.

  • Class 21: Kitchen & Other Materials

    Class 21 incorporates statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of materials such as porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, gardening articles, cleaning materials, cosmetic and toilet utensils and bathroom articles, small, hand-operated utensils and apparatus for kitchen and household use, household utensils, sponges and combs, brushes (excluding paint brushes) and materials included in their making; steel wool and unprocessed glass and also earthenware.

  • Class 22: Textile

    Trademark Class 22 consists of raw textile fibers and substitute’s bags and sacks for packaging, storage and transport, ropes and tents, raw fibrous materials, twines and cords in natural or artificial textile materials.

  • Class 23: Threads

    Trademark Class 23 covers trademark for threads and yarns for textile use.

  • Class 24: Filtering Materials

    Class 24 talks about filtering materials of textile, textile goods and substitutes for textile goods, textile covers for household use, wall hangings,

  • Class 25: Clothing

    Class 25 is for registering trademark for headgear, footwear and clothing.

  • Class 26: Accessories

    Accessories for apparel, decorative textile articles, hair ornaments and rollers, hair fastening articles and false hair and artificial fruits, flowers and vegetables, includes embroidery and lace, ribbons and braid; hooks, buttons and eyes, needles and pins are covered under Class 26.

  • Class 27: Floor coverings

    Class 27 states about registering trademark for Floor coverings and artificial ground coverings like rugs, mats, carpets and matting. It also has linoleum and other similar materials used for covering existing floors under it and non textile wall hangings.

  • Class 28: Sporting Articles

    Trademark Class 28 has sporting articles and equipment Hunting and fishing equipment, festive decorations and artificial Christmas trees, games, sporting articles and gymnastics not included in other classes.

  • Class 29: Poultry

    It is for registering trademark for fish, meat, poultry; meat extracts; dried, cooked, frozen edibles, jellies and jams; eggs, milk, and its products, edible oil.

  • Class 30: Food

    Items under Class 30 are tea, coffee, rice, sugar, tapioca, artificial coffee, bread, flour, confectionery; honey, yeast, salt, baking powder, artificial coffee and cocoa, mustard, sauces, vinegar, spices, preparations that are made from cereals;

  • Class 31: Crops

    Class 31 consists of agricultural and aqua-cultural crops, horticulture and forestry products, maize, algae, foodstuffs and fodder for animals, fresh vegetables and fruits, live animals.

  • Class 32: Beverages

    Class 32 covers fruit beverages and juices, mineral and aerated water, non alcoholic drinks, beers, syrups and preparations for beverages

  • Class 33: Alcoholic Beverages

    Class 33 includes alcoholic beverages excluding beers.

  • Class 34: Smoking Articles

    It includes lighters for smokers, smoking articles, tobacco, and matches.

List of Trademark classes for services are mentioned below

  • Class 35: Advertising

    Trademark for advertising, advertising, marketing and promotional services, public relations services distribution of advertising, marketing and promotional material advertising, marketing and promotional consultancy, advisory and assistance services, commercial trading and consumer information services, business assistance, management and administrative services collection and systematization of business data come under Class 35.

    The main objective of these services

    To help the management of the commercial undertaking.

    To cater to the commercial functions and business affairs.

  • Class 36: Finance

    Class 36 of the class of services talk about registering a trademark for real estate, financial, insurance services, rent collection, currency trading and exchange services, financial rating and credit reports, financial appraisal services, securities and commodities trading services, debt recovery and factoring services.

  • Class 37: Construction

    It covers registering trademark for repair and installation services, building construction and demolition, mining, oil and gas extraction, cleaning and care of fabric, textile, leather, fur and goods made thereof.

    It includes services that are rendered by contractors for construction purposes and services rendered by people who are into restoration work.

  • Class 38: Television

    It generally covers the services for trademark for television and telecommunication through telephone and mobiles, computer communication and internet access.

  • Class 39: Transportation

    Class 39 covers services for freight and cargo transportation and removal services, car transport, and storage of goods in warehouses, travel arrangement, services including transporting people animal and goods through road, rail and water

  • Class 40: Manufacture

    Trademark Class 40 is for services for custom manufacture and assembly, energy production, services for treatment of materials, recycling and waste treatment.

  • Class 41: Education & Entertainment

    Class 41 includes services for training, education, sports, exhibitions, cultural activities and entertainment services. It further adds services rendered for the development of mental facilities of animals or persons.

  • Class 42: Technical Services

    Class 42 states about services for scientific and technical services, software development, programming and implementation, hosting services and software as a service and rental of software science and technology service, architectural and urban planning services. It includes services which cover complex activities, like computer programmers, engineers etc.

  • Class 43: Hotels & Hostels

    Any service given by a person or an organization, where there is preparation of food for consumption, or bed is provided for stay is covered under this.

    In other words we can say it includes services for food and drink. Further on, it includes temporary accommodation hotels like hostels and boarding houses, holiday and tourist accommodation, detergents for use in manufacture and industry, bar services, cafeterias, canteens,

  • Class 44: Hygiene & Beauty

    Class 44 is for registering trademark for hygiene, medical services, and beauty care. It also covers services with reference to horticulture, forestry and agriculture. It also talks about services for animal breeding and plant growth.

  • Class 45: Safety

    Any legal, social or security service is cover under this class. It includes safety, rescue, security and enforcement services, personal and social services rendering to meet the needs of the individuals, detective services, religious services and legal services. The whole objective is protection of interest, security and well-being of the people.


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