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Mohi | Updated: May 05, 2020 | Category: Agreement

Shareholder Agreement With Sample

A shareholder agreement is a legal document that creates the rules and regulations by which an organization runs.  When in a company, more than one person invests money, then a shareholder agreement is an essential foundation. It should be in detail and contain all the details like the role of each shareholder, how a business will function etc.

There is no exact format for the shareholder’s agreement, and the content of the Shareholder agreement always depends on the circumstances. 

All shareholders want different clauses in the shareholder agreement, depending on how many shares they own.  For example,  shareholders with less shares more interested in protecting his rights or may be interested in provisions related to decision-making power, etc. 

What is the Need of Shareholder’s Agreement?

  1. Shareholder agreement helps resolve the problems or disputes if arisen in the future between the two parties. Nobody knows when any problem can occur and cannot give surety even about the non- arising of any dispute in the future.
  2. It helps in maintaining the steady relationship between shareholders and the company. Therefore, it is also helpful in protecting the investment made by shareholders, along with all rules and regulations for Shareholders and other relevant parties.
  3. Shareholder’s agreement mainly regulates the role of all shareholders and specify each one responsibility, which provide legality in handling everything. Shareholder’s agreement shall always be drafted and mention everything.
  4. To settle any kind of issues related to the  Shareholder’s agreement, mostly companies mainly opt for out of court settlement like Arbitration,  conciliation, mediation, etc.…

Important points which should be mentioned in the Shareholder Agreement:

1. Name of Shareholders:

Name of all shareholders with their address should be mention in the agreement.

2. Shareholder funding 

In agreement, there should be clearly mentioned about the shareholder’s fund and acquisition of shares.  For example, few shareholders may contribute funds in cash for subscription of shares, whereas others may contribute any services in exchange or any other mode.   

3. Director appointments

In shareholder agreement, one should always specify regarding the right for an appointment of directors and under what circumstances shareholders can lose their rights. 

4. Management, obligations and information

 The important area is to cover shareholder and management obligations. It is necessary to specify what all are management and shareholders obligations.

5. Changing of Business

There are restrictions on changing the nature of the business.

6. Dividends and financing

 In shareholders’ agreement it is necessary to specify that under which circumstances dividends may be payable. 

 7. Exit strategy

The clause related to the exit strategy shall be mentioned in the agreement, like under what circumstances, shareholders can exit usually. 

8. Notices 

Under this clause, the address of Notices need to be mentioned

9.  Disputes

In shareholder’s agreement, it is necessary to mention that in case of dispute, what would be the preferred way to solve the dispute. What should be the jurisdiction of the court in case of any dispute? If Arbitration is the preferred way to handle or resolve any dispute, then the place of seating for Arbitration shall be mentioned.


Shareholder agreement contains all the important points related to shareholder roles and responsibilities in the company.  It regulates the sale of shares in the company. It also describes how a company will function and also provides rights to minority shareholders also. It describes all the required rules and regulations of a shareholder in the company. Kindly find the attached shareholder agreement sample also.



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