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Can I sue a party for dishonour of cheque if the cheque in question was given as a gift or in charity?

Ans.   No, if the cheque in question was given as a gift or in charity, it will not be considered as an offence.

Is complaint filed based on second legal notice after re-presentation of cheque is maintainable?

Ans.   Yes, Complaint filed on basis of second legal notice is maintainable. Hon’ble Supreme Court in “Leathers vs. S. Palaniappan and Another” in 2013 held that: “There is nothing in the provisions of Section 138 of the Negotiable..

Is there any pre-condition to file cheque bounce case in court?

Ans.   Before approaching the court, you must be sure to have read this checklist. The legal remedy to the drawee is available only if: The cheque was issued in discharge of a debt or liability, in whole or in part, and not as a gift or loan. Yo..

Can you please tell me various reasons of cheque bounce as per law in India?

Ans.   There are various reasons of cheque bounce in India as given below: Signature mismatch; Account closed; Insufficient Funds in Account; Overwriting on the cheque; Expiry of cheque i.e.if cheque not presented in bank for a pe..

What kind of questions is asked during cross-examination of complainant in cheque bounce case of negotiable instrument act?

Ans.   All questions asked during cross examination are based on facts and circumstances of the case. Lawyers basically read the whole case and depend on that make questions. These questions are related to case only. Such as cheque given was issued as secur..

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