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My husband sent me text message writing Talaq 3 times. Is it valid?

Ans.   Answer-1: No, as per latest Supreme Court judgment about triple talaq, man uttering talaq three times in one sitting is not valid. If a man wants to divorce his wife utter talaq once, he cannot spell it again to his wife until the starting of n..

I am a muslim woman. My husband tortured me mentally and physically. My friends told me being a woman I cannot seek divorce. Only man has this power. Is it right?

Ans.   No, this is not correct. Under previous practice, woman had no power to seek instant talaq but now as per valid laws a Muslim woman has option to ask for “Khula”.If marriage is broken and woman doesn’t want to stay with her husband..

Me and my wife both filed divorce mutually. I am muslim. But now after 6 months I don’t want to leave my wife. I don't want to divorce my wife. Please help me.

Ans.   Answer-1: There are two types of mutual consent divorce under Muslim law. One is Khula and other is Mubarat. Wife needs to pay some compensation if she seeks divorce that may be either to keep or go away with her Mehr or Dower. Under khula, wife has..

I got married 2 years back. Right after day of wedding my husband left abroad and he comes only once a year to see us. Even I don’t have his contact number. He calls me himself once in a month. Now I don’t

Ans.   Under Muslim marriage act, you can ask for dissolution of marriage in form of khula from your husband. Khula can be performed in following circumstances: When husband got married to additional wife which is against the provisions of muslim law..

Does muslim daughter has share in her father property as per muslim laws?

Ans.   Yes, as per muslim laws daughter is eligible to have part in father’s property. The fraction of share of property is mentioned in quran. This share has been divided as per number of daughter, number of marriages done and children of each wife,..

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