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what is provision of prohibited relationship under Hindu marriage act?

Ans.   Marriage to be considered as null and Void if comes under Degree of prohibited relationship- Two persons are said to be covered under the degrees of prohibited relationship if  One of the party is the lineal ascendant of the other; I..

What is the punishment if two hindu people got married within meaning of prohibited relationship?

Ans.   A marriage solemnized between the parties within the degrees of prohibited relationship is considered null and void and the parties are liable to be punished with simple imprisonment for a period of one month or fine of Rs. 10000/- or with both.

I got married 7 months before and want to file divorce. My wife also agrees the same as we both don’t want to live together anymore. She is living at her parents’ house from last 4 months. What do I do?

Ans.   No, divorce can only be filed after completion of 1 year of marriage. However, as per latest Supreme Court judgment that 1 year period can be waived off in extreme cases. You can file a petition in court seeking separation. If court considers it righ..

What is a Marriage Certificate?

Ans.    A marriage certificate basically is an official statement/legal proof that two people are married. Only government officials have authority to issue marriage certificates after marriage registration.

What are the Conditions to fulfill for legally valid Hindu marriage?

Ans.   following conditions have to fulfill for legally valid marriage:   No living spouse at the time of the marriage; Capable of giving a valid consent/no unsoundness of mind; Not suffering from mental disorder of such a kind or to..

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