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At what stage can accused apply for bail?

Ans.   Bail application can be filed at any stage of pending court proceedings. Police authorities are required to present accused before magistrate within 48 hrs of his arrest, if case is not finalize at that stage you can apply for bail bond.

In case of civil matter, do I need to apply for bail?

Ans.   No, civil suit is not cognizable offence unlike criminal complaint. So one no need to apply for bail.

Is surety required to grant bail?

Ans.   Yes, it is mandatory to present surety with its identity proof while presenting bail application. Surety needs to sign surety bond which is kind of undertaking that surety takes undertaking that on every hearing accused will present before hon’..

How much time it takes to get bail?

Ans.   It depends any varies as per severity of the matter. In less severe cases, accused get bail on same day but in cases like in case of non-bailable offence, it is much difficult to get bail in day or two.

What is the definition of Regular bail?

Ans.   Regular bail is applied by or on behalf of the individual already in the custody of the police. It may be applied under the Sections 437 and 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure.

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